Frequently asked questions

1. Always Read the Help Files After Installation

Please always read the help files that are found in the Reunion folder in the game's root after installation. Also, check Log.htm to make sure you are using the latest version and the latest gamma. It is generally a good idea to post your Log.htm file whenever you are asking us to help you troubleshoot anything - no matter what it is. If your log file is too large (> 10 MB), use a program like 7-Zip to shrink it down.

2. Is The Reunion compatible with non-English versions?

3. Do I need the game converter?

4. How do I know The Reunion has been installed properly?

5. The Reunion - or a mod I am using with it - doesn't seem to be working for me?

The Reunion is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11, and Linux. Our official support is for Windows 10 and 11. If using Linux, ddraw.dll needs to be set in Wine to use Windows Native. Set ddraw.dll to Windows Native in WineCFG (create it if it doesn't exist). See also WineCFG

Please do not post if you are using a pirated / illegitimate copy of the game.

6. How do I quit the game?

Please read the help file mentioned above for a full list of hotkeys.

7. I've noticed a bug.

Please read before posting in #your-channel-name

8. There's no audio.

Press ctrl-alt-M in the game to unmute the sound. If this doesn't help, please check the audio related logging in Log.htm, which is found in the root installation folder.

9. Can I still gain Achievements?

Not with The Reunion enabled. A workaround is to play the game with The Reunion enabled until significant progress has been made, then disable it (open root\The_Reunion\options.ini and set Disable_The_Reunion = y, and open the game in Steam.

10. How do I set my controller configuration?

Please see the help file that came with the installer to find the default keyboard controls. To set a controller configuration, play FF7 and open up the main menu. There is a config option in the main menu.

11. Can I use save files created with The Reunion with other mods / installations?

Yes. Save files are interchangeable.

12. The game area seems to be cut off / misaligned / scaled wrong

Please change your dpi settings as follows:



13. How do I uninstall The Reunion? Can I edit / reinstall The Reunion?

See the help file to learn how to uninstall. You can edit / remove / add any of the files in the Base, Global, and Custom folders. If reinstalling The Reunion, only files found in the Base folder will be deleted and updated, so there should be no ill effects with any custom mods you've added.

14. Is X fixed?

See The Reunion Database Reunion Database

Press Ctrl-H to search for any keywords. Note: There are multiple tabs at the bottom.

15. Can an older version of The Reunion be acquired?

No. Older versions are totally unsupported and contained some serious bugs.

16. Does The Reunion work with 7th Heaven?

No. The Reunion has its own method of modding the game and is itself a completely different framework and mod manager. Moreover, The Reunion continues to be maintained in order that people move away from 7th Heaven and other flawed, buggy, and often bloated frameworks or solutions or mod managers.

17. I want X [such as W-Item glitch] to be reinstated

One of the core aims of The Reunion is to fix all known glitches and bugs and restore the game to how the original team intended the release to be. If you wish to cheat, please use Ochu (found from our website) or any number of trainers or save editors.

18. Can you add X?

Due to workload and other commitments, I'm unlikely to take any requests, but feel free to ask.

19. Is there a change log?

See The Reunion Database. That is always the main change log.

20. Since I downloaded Reunion, my controls on the Xbox One controller are messed up. For example, I enter the menu with A and can't run.

Make sure that Steam input is disabled if there's an option to do that, then set up your controller in FF7's main Config menu (in the actual game).

21. Why is The Reunion closed source?

In the time The Reunion was open source, not one single person ever used the code to create something new. All that ever came of it were copies, clones, and ports of The Reunion content for other projects without permission or credit - and many of the features created here have been taken wholesale. We do not consider this to be in the spirit of open source. Far from open source being a benefit to the Final Fantasy VII modding community, it became a hindrance and open source of division. The graphical side (aali.dll) is open source, however.

22. Do you have an update on [insert mod/feature] ?

Please don't ask for updates or estimated times to completion of any mod anywhere by anyone. It just pisses people off.

23. I have this weird texture issue... looks like the screen is divided into squares!


This is nearly always caused by graphic card filtering being forced on by Nvidia - often by Nvidia Experience. The first thing you need to do is remove Experience by running the driver installation wizard from Nvidia and performing a clean install. Do NOT install Nvidia Experience. If the checkbox is checked, uncheck it. If it won't let you uncheck it, uninstall Experience before running the installation wizard.


Failing all else, make sure your global and program settings in the control panel are not forcing filtering.

If this doesn't work, rename the main "Final Fantasy VII folder (which contains ff7.exe / ff7_en.exe) to "ff7" lowercase letters and move the whole folder to drive C - C:\ff7. We are unsure why this works, but there appears to be some sort of bug with Nvidia (possibly only related to 3xxx GTX series cards).

For the Steam version, an additional step may be needed:

Search google for '1.02 ff7.exe', go to the pcgamingwiki site, download the file 'ff7.exe', and place it in your c:\ff7 folder. Use ff7.exe to launch the game.

24. The game's frame rate is limited...

As above, completely remove Nvidia Experience. This is almost certain to be the cause if the limit is 30 fps.

25. Where are my save files?

If using the 1998 PC version - or The Reunion - the save files are located in [root]\save. If using the Steam version - with The Reunion turned off/not used - the save files are located in a stupid place - %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Square Enix\FINAL FANTASY VII