Bug Reporting: Please read this before submitting.

Before submitting a bug report, it is imperative that steps are taken to determine if the bug is a The Reunion bug.
In many cases, a user will submit a bug with a different mod that was installed in The Reunion,
these bug reports need to go to their respective mod creator(s). In many other cases, the bug submitted will
already be known and just hasn't been fixed yet. When unnecessary reports are made, progress can be slowed.

So the first thing that needs to be asked: Is this bug something that is already known? If your bug occured during an
essential part of the game that is blocking progress, there is likely no need to provide a report.
You can check the bugs tab of The Reunion Database to see if your issue is logged there.

The second thing that needs to be asked: Is the bug repeatable with all other mods disabled or uninstalled? This will
help determine if the bug is indeed caused by The Reunion or not. If the bug is not repeatable, it was most likely
caused by something other than The Reunion and a report is not needed.

Check The Reunion Database - Especially the bugs tab. Seriously, read the #$@!ing bugs tab.
You can hit CTRL+F or CTRL+H to find particular words. Also make sure you are using the latest release.

Now, if you are still confident we need to see your bug. Please send the following report to the #Bug-Report Channel.
from our Discord Server.

1. An explanation of the bug.
2. If the bug is repeatable at a certain location, the save file. (found in [FF7 root]/save)
3. log.htm (found in FF7's root folder)
     -Note that your report is often useless without this.

[if this is a performance issue]
4. Your PC specs and operating system

Please send the log and save file as attachments, instead of copying/pasting the log in the message body.
The log and save file can be dragged and dropped into the chat window for convienence.

If this is not done, you will likely be ignored. Without the proper report to aid in locating a bug, it ends up
wasting too much time. Thank you for your patience and understanding!